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Do You Need a Glass of Wine
The College Application Dance
We've homeschooled forever and ever, and since we've got four adult sons, we've talked with quite a few college administrators. One of the interesting questions we've discussed is, "Do you see any problems with incoming homeschoolers?" Surprisingly, we have never heard complaints about "socialization." Instead, college officials have told us that homeschooled kids seem to…
How My Old Band Director Influences My Family Life Today
Sometimes you get a life-changing lesson from an unexpected source. My 8th-grade band director taught me something really important about relationships. Last week, my old band director passed away. Pat Wylie (it’s still hard to think of him by his first name) was a major part of my young life, for two years in middle…
Hypocrisy and Boiled Peanuts
Have you ever had an embarrassing parenting moment? Yep, just had one. To be fair, my kids thought it was funny, but I was pretty embarrassed. Hal and I decided before we even had kids that we would try to help our kids avoid being picky eaters. So, they hear us say some things over and…