Reading Biographies for Fun, Too
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Continuing a discussion from our podcast and YouTube channel, a listener asked us to elaborate on some of the historical books that Hal enjoys reading. An earlier post linked to a number of historical books, but this segment Hal’s talking about biographies – a branch of history that he also follows. (These are affiliate links and pay us a small commission if you use them)

John Adams – David McCollough … the life of the second president and the inspiration for the HBO miniseries

Coolidge – Amity Shlaes … “Silent Cal” declared war on the national debt and reined in expanding government … for a while, anyway

The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill – William Manchester … 3008 pages but good reading!

Churchill – Paul Johnson … an amazing concise biography of a long-lived, long-experienced, and complex man

The Lion’s Pride – Edward J. Renehan … a look at the lives of Theodore Roosevelt and his children (did you know that both President Roosevelt and his son, General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., won the Congressional Medal of Honor?)

Co. Aytch – Sam R. Watkins … a first-person memoir of the Civil War, from a Tennessee foot soldier – a classic of the genre

Here I Stand – Roland Bainton … a life of Martin Luther, the reformer

Also mentioned:

Modern Times – Paul Johnson … a review of world history and influential ideas from World War I to the 1990’s

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