Wondering if Raising Real Men will be a blessing to you? Read what all these folks think about it!

Amy Blevins at Bow of Bronze “I was shocked to discover that not one, but three of my oldest children were following along with this parenting book.  My seven year old daughter now asks as soon as we get in the car if we can turn it on.  My nine year old son laughs out loud during some of the funny stories, and he too specifically requested I turn on the book even during a five minute car ride.”

Andi at Declared Unto Him “This book was written with a conversational tone, which I just love…”

Angie Maniam-Ng at Teaching Our Own in Singapore“One of the most down-to-earth, practical, well-balanced books on raising children I have personally ever read!  No textbook answers, no preachy-ness, no my-way-or-the-highway talk.  Just straight-shooting, from the heart sharing of one family’s mistakes (yes they share those too), struggles and joys as they seek to raise six sons for the Lord.”

Angie at Wendy & Her Lost Boys “Put simply, if you only read one book about raising boys, this is the one I would recommend.”

Anna Frye is blogging through Raising Real Men at Frye Fam Happenings “It is totally worth whatever price you can find it for. I would seriously quote almost the whole book here if I felt like that didn’t go ENTIRELY against the “Fair Use” rule…”

Anna Wood at The Cross is All “I am the mother of six sons…I have read many, many books on raising boys to manhood. I find Raising Real Men to be one of the best.”

Anne Elliott “Raising Real Men is an extremely practical, fully Bible-based book.”

Annie Kate at Tea Time with Annie Kate “The positive tone of Raising Real Men is very refreshing.”

Aurie Good at Our Good Life Review by a mother of girls “I also hope that the parents of my future son-in-laws read this book!”

Barbara Curtis at Mommy Life “If you’ve got sons, you want a copy of this book.”

Barbara H at Stray Thoughts “As a mom of three grown boys, I am glad to recommend this balanced treatment on the topic with its encouragement to raise real, godly men to authentic Biblical manhood.”

Brandy at Afterthoughts Talks about our chapter on adventurousness with reference to Pyle’s Men of Iron

Brandy at Afterthoughts pulls out some great quotes from Raising Real Men

Brandy at Afterthoughts pulls out more great quotes

Brenda Emmett at Garden of Learning “A very small price to pay for such pearls of wisdom.”

Briana at I Can’t Decide “It is like a field guide on boys!”

Candace Allgood at SONBeams “This was a book that I originally thought would be a great read for my husband, a positive role model if you will for fathers raising sons. And while I’m sure it is, I’ve found it to be invaluable to me already as a mother raising 3 sons myself. ”

Carrie at Life on a Back Road ” I also really liked the authors’ style. This book was really fun to read, due to their down-to-earth writing and all the humor they used to illustrate their points.”

Church Libraries Journal Fall 2010 (issues are not online, must request copy)

Crissyanna at Created for Home “Boys Should Come With This Book”

Dana Wilson at Epi Kardia “Imminently readable, warm and biblical, Raising Real Men will help you learn how to train and shape your noisy, dirty, rambunctious boys into real men who can stand on their own two feet and face the world, lead their families, and fulfill the purpose for which they were created.”

Dawn Chandler at Tractors and Tire Swings “I cannot stop talking about this book. Seriously. It should be required reading as soon as the doctor says, “It’s a BOY!” “

Debra at Footprints in the Butter

Diane Allen Homeschool Reviews

Felice Gerwitz at Media Angels

Gabby at The Work of Childhood “They hit the nail on the head in SO many parts of the book…”

Heather at The Gentle Art of Chaos “Reading this book was like light bulb after light bulb going off. ”

Heather Idoni at Homeschooler’s Notebook

Homeschool_Newbie at 7xSunday

Jenni at Ramsey’s at Home “Now here is a book that is relevant, sciptural and easy to apply.”

Jennifer Bogart of The Learning Life at BlogCritics Books

Julianne J. Smith in Library Journal

Joy at Artful Homemaking “This book has given me some of the understanding that I was searching for.  From spiritual training to  homeschooling to other practical issues, I found it to be very helpful.”

Kathy Brodock at Teaching Good Things

Kathy Davis at

Kim Kargbo at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Kim Kovach at Train Up a Child “It positively should be read every year.”

Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Lee Ann Garfias at Whatever State I Am

Laura Lane at Harvest Lane Cottage “This is the best book about raising sons that I have ever read.”

Lisa at The Happy Homeschool Mom If you are raising boys this is an absolute must read!

Lora Keeth at Homeschooling Simply

Madonna at 2 Teaching Mommies “The writing is very conversational and fast paced.”

Mary at Winecup Christian Academy “I wish I had known about this book years ago.”

Max Elliot Anderson at Books for Boys

Michelle at Country Blessings “As I read this book, I kept thinking each chapter was my favorite so far, but then I would read another and found it even better!”

Michelle at Homeschooling My Miracles “If you have boys this is a MUST read book.”

Michelle Padrelanan at Beyond the Silver and the Gold – a Filipino Family’s Homeschool Journey

Milk & Honey Mommy at Homeschool Roster at Milk & Honey Mommy “If you have boys like mine, then you are going to want to do everything you can to help yours grow up to be REAL MEN too.”

Mrs. Taffy at My Life on a Taffy Pull “Hal and Melanie have a kind-hearted and encouraging tone…”

Pamela at A Sheltering Tree

Pragmatic Mom shares a top 10 list

Rachel Paxton at

Rhonda at Shelfari

Sarah at New Creation “Boy oh boy, is this book ever a gooder. Seriously. I think all mothers of boys should read this book.”

Sarah at New Creation talks about our chapter on heroes. “I have so much underlined in this book. I cannot say enough good things about this.”

Sarah at Sarah’s Sweeties “If you have boys, you HAVE to get this book!  I’m telling you, it’s good!  Even my husband has picked it up and read it!”

Serene Lim at Building an Ark in Singapore

Sharon White at Legacy of Home

SnoopyGirl at Eclectic Musings “Can I just say that in the first few chapters I have had an eye opener into the world of boys as God created them?”

Sunflower Schoolhouse’s Top 10 Books for Parents of Boys

Sylvia Cochran at Families Online Magazine

Terry Delaney at Christian Book Notes

Texas Mommy at Building Cathedrals

The Crazy Mom on Facebook

Tina Brown at Homeschool & Family

Tiffany at As For My House

Tristan at Our Busy Homeschool

Valerie McClintock at The Crafty Classroom “There is something for Boy-Mom’s of all ages and stages…”

Very Blessed Mamma at Training Up Children for Christ “A Must Read for All Parents…”