Paper Making Help
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The Paper Making Crate Contains:

A photo of the history card, instructions, drying towel, spatula, dry foliage, paper glue, sponge, spoon, and whisk on light-colored wood.


A photo of the deckle and mold, screen, couch sheet, colored paper, and pulp for paper making on light-colored wood.














Sometimes it’s hard to picture what we’re describing in the instructions, so here’s a little help!

Here’s how you dip the deckle and mold into the pulp slurry:


Swish the deckle and mold in the pulp slurry:


Lift the deckle and mold out of the pulp slurry, gently swishing it back and forth:


Let the water drain out of the deckle and mold:


Open the deckle and place a couching sheet over the new sheet:


Use a dry sponge to remove water from the new sheet while it is still in the mold – so you can remove it from the mold:


Once the new sheet is free from the mold, place a screen on top and continue to remove water with the dry sponge:


After you’ve used the press board to remove water and bond the fibers, then carefully remove the couch sheet and screen and allow the new sheet to dry:


Here are some of the first sheets of paper that we created when we were developing this crate. This one is still drying:


This was our first sheet, which we had a little trouble removing from the mold. This one is white with dried foliage added:


A later sheet came off the mold more easily. This sheet used purple construction paper for color and dried foliage for visual interest:


We would love to see the paper you create!

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