Review: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
With its prequels having resolved their own struggles, and the Netflix show adding little to the world, the series finale How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World seemed to offer little more than one last visit to the picturesque village of Berk and its fantastical, improbable menagerie of dragons. But all is not well…
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video
Despite some early reviews, I was pretty excited to check out the new Amazon Prime Original series, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. You see, I love Tom Clancy. Clancy is one of those authors that stands at the very top of an entire genre. A former insurance agent, his first novel, The Hunt for Red October, was unexpectedly picked…
Giveaway: DashFire Man
We're an entrepreneurial family, so we get pretty excited when our progeny start their own businesses. Some of you may have heard our son Sam speak at conferences about his struggle with dyslexia. He's at college now, studying entrepreneurship, and working with the college's venture lab to get his business ideas translated into actual businesses.…
Announcing Our New Book!
"Our middle-schooler is driving us crazy!" We hear it all the time! That's certainly how we've felt, Every. Single. Time (remember, we're guiding our eighth through these years now). Compliant kids turn combative. Diligent students disappear into a fog. Faithful children fill up with doubts. Everyone said, "Just wait till they're teenagers," but nobody warned us that sometime between 8 and 14,…
Protecting Your Boys from Porn, Predators, and More
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Welcome to Teach Them Diligently – Nashville!
Come to One of Our Workshops! Thursday 3:20 pm Dating, Courtship, and All That Lincoln D/E Friday 9:00 am Raising Real Men - Surviving and Appreciating Boys Presidential E 2:10 pm Shining Armor - Your Son's Battle for Purity Presidential E 5:30 pm Parenting Preteens Presidential C Saturday 1:00 pm Romance for The Exhausted Presidential…
Welcome, Homeschool Minute Friends!
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Protected: First Time Authors – Class Page
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I’d Rather Be Your Mommy – a Picture Book with a Purpose
Once when our children were young, we had just watched a video about careers when one of them said, “Mommy, what are you going to be when you grow up?” I was just devastated. They didn’t understand that I had a degree in the hard sciences, could have done any number of amazing things, but…
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