Celebrating with a Friend!
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We are so excited to be helping our friend Felice Gerwitz today! Felice is the founder of the Ultimate Podcast Network which hosts our podcast, Making Biblical Family Life Practical!

Felice is celebrating her 400th Podcast Episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms! Several of her friends are coming together to help her celebrate by giving away ONE $200 Amazon Gift Card!!

Let us tell you a little about Felice. Felice began homeschooling in 1986 when she had two little children and she thought it might be temporary. In fact, her husband told her to try it for six months and if homeschooling didn’t work, to put the kids in school. Well, her children thrived and soon there were three more children! In 2018, she graduated the last of her five children after 32 years homeschooling! Mentoring homeschool moms is her passion! Felice has lots of homeschool experience to share with you. Be sure to check out Vintage Homeschool Moms and prepare to be inspired, encouraged, and supported in your homeschool journey.

For more encouragement, you can find Felice here too:

Media Angels
The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network
The Ultimate Christian Podcast Network


After you head over and enter the contest, come back here and sign up for this great pack of freebies and deals we have for you right here!


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