Welcome to our Retro Sale!
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Although it is too late to ship for Christmas delivery, we are going to honor these holiday sales for a few more days! Plus, you could get them a Craftsman Crate subscription — complete with a card to download and print to announce your gift!

Here are some great deals on gifts you can feel great about giving, and best of all, they’ll be happy when they open those boxes!  Check it out…

RETRO Sale – Our Training Swords and Knives are the lowest prices they’ve been since we introduced them in 2015! Yes, you read that right, prices lower than 2015! Don’t miss them!

Get $6 off EVERY individual past Craftsman Crate with the coupon code PASTCRATEDEAL – we’ve never done that before!

Or, save $23 on Craftsman Crate subscriptions of 3 months or longer with the coupon code HOLIDAYCRATE23 — that’s a deal!

With FREE SHIPPING on ALL Craftsman Crate!

Use the coupon code AudioDL50 for 50% off the downloadable versions and use the coupon code AudioCD20 for 20% off the CD versions of all the audiobooks we publish!

Here are more great deals!


ALL our amazing rubberband guns that shoot 12 rubberbands without reloading are 10-15% off! (And so are wooden swords!)



ALL of our incredibly durable training and practice swords and knives are 15-40% off! These are some SERIOUSLY great deals!


Our Character-Building Audiobook Library allows you to get all this literature, the books our adult sons say influenced them, at half price… You can teach history and give your kids something to aim for while you’re in the van!



Craftsman Crate, the subscription box that builds your skills, is exploding and your 10% off applies! We’ll even ship with it wrapped up this month so our cool box doesn’t give away the surprise!

We have absolutely LOVED our craftsman crate subscription! We have gotten a year’s worth of boxes and continue to be impressed. They are well thought out, easy to follow, and my son now has his own collection of real tools and art supplies. We highly recommend these. – Subscriber-posted Review


Photo of Water Marbling Crate showing Example Water Marbling Project in a frame, paints, comb tool, thickener, tube tools, tray, paper, tag, clothespins, jute string and crates sitting on a wooden box


Past Craftsman Crates  —  We’ve just uploaded several brand new crates for individual purchase, but supplies are limited! These make fantastic Christmas gifts and they contain EVERYTHING they need, open and go! Keep them busy during the break!


Thank you for supporting our ministry! It really does make all the difference. If you’d rather just contribute instead of shop, you can head over here to do that (and we’ll love you for it, too!).

Your friends,

Hal & Melanie