Film Reviews

Young Messiah: Not for His Young Followers!
A movie based on the life of Jesus as a child? Sounds like a fun, sweet family outing for the Easter season, especially since reviews say the movie represents Jesus as the virgin-born Son of God. Our friends, Steve and Jane Lambert of Five in a Row, though, saw it last night and came away very…
Movie Review: Risen
Clavius is a veteran soldier, tribune of the Tenth Legion, serving as Pontius Pilate's fixer and go-to man. The announcement, “Tribune, Pilate summons you,” starts many interviews that end with the dismissal, “Take care of it.” The prefect is beset by zealots during the Passover festivities, and the Emperor expects to find order—“Or—der...” he warns…
Movie Review – The Finest Hours was time well spent
This is the story of "the most daring rescue" ever conducted by the U.S. Coast Guard - and I'd highly recommend it for families with young men. (more…)