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The Fine Art of Juggling Schedules
Welcome Readers of The Homeschool Minute! Are you in a hurry to get your free download? Then CLICK HERE (and come back to read later!)     Families with children are busy families, at any age. At some stages, though, we found ourselves getting lost amid all the errands and activities and classes and meetings.…
Hurricane Safety
Today on Facebook, we saw someone from the Midwest giving advice to a mutual friend in the zone a hurricane is predicted to strike -- advice that could cost them their lives. For our friends in the path of this huge storm, who may not have been through a hurricane before, we wanted to share a…
The Power of Pressing On Anyway
One of our sons called home from college and mentioned an introductory course he was taking in a foreign language. He had gone to the professor and asked him to call on him more often in class, because his spoken language wasn't very good yet and he wanted to get better. It's a refreshing thing to…
mbflp-homeschooling-fathers-h RRM When Your Worried Your Son is Going to Go Too Far
When You’re Worried Your Son is Going to Go Too Far
A mom asked, We did the hard press for courtship/dating with a purpose. And it worked - sorta. My son is head over heels for his girlfriend. Sex is coming. It just is. They still say they want to wait. They aren't rebelling by going to her apartment, but he's in a battle between his hormones/desires and…
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Ten Practical Ways to Keep Kids Safe From Predators
The past couple of weeks, we've been talking to and praying for friends who've been dealing with a great grief. Their young son was molested while he was visiting with his beloved grandparents. It was a young adult, a trusted friend of the family, who victimized their child. The parents are heartbroken. Sadly, this is happening more…