Boy Secrets

101 Great Answers for “I’m Bored” This Summer
Kids these days are so over-programmed it's ridiculous. They go to this camp and that one, moms run them to classes and clubs. When we were kids we made our own fun and it really was fun! Here are some of the things we used to do that you can suggest to your children when…
Q&A: Why Do My Boys (And My Husband) Like Such Dumb Entertainment?
It's one of those mysteries between the sexes - what makes our choices of entertainment so different? Wives and mothers shake their heads over boys' choices of movies, videos, books, and so on. To their thinking, so much of it is just stupid. And it's not simply childishness - dads and husbands are laughing too. Why is there…
A Thirst for Adventure
Boys have a love for adventure. The trick is to teach them to take reasonable risks. We want them to be bold and adventurous - without breaking both legs jumping off the roof! There's a whole chapter about that in Raising Real Men.