Shining Armor: Your Son’s Battle for Purity Workshop Download

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With temptations from media surrounding our sons, we’ve got to be proactive and teach them to fight for their purity.


Making it through the battle for purity to courting his bride. Most purity resources these days focus on girls, but purity tends to be a much bigger problem for young men. Those that are available often seem hopelessly naive about the battles our sons are facing. How can you protect your sons from internet p*rn? How can you help them to fight temptation in a world full of inappropriate images? How can you help them make the transition from ―It’s not time to think about that…‖ to finding a wife? Come hear the parents of six sons give you frank, practical advice on raising your son to be a virtuous knight.

1 review for Shining Armor: Your Son’s Battle for Purity Workshop Download

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    We first heard this workshop at an event at our church. It was excellent and spurred ongoing conversation on the topic. This is priceless wisdom here.

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