Right-Brained Paragraph and Composition Writing DVD

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Just what you need to help you teach your child how to write without panic, despair, or staring at a blank sheet!


Getting Kids to Write (when other methods haven’t worked)

A Writing Method that REALLY Works

Many children and teens struggle to organize their thoughts, especially those with dysgraphia, ADHD, or auditory processing disorder. They don’t think in a very organized way, so they can’t write in one. Giving them right-brained, graphic ways to organize their thoughts makes all the difference. This is the way we write our books!

This works when other methods don’t for 2nd grade to high schoolers.

Dianne Craft used this painless method in her Resource Rooms Language Arts room.  By the end of the year she got 3-4 page papers. No curriculum purchase. Just a very successful teaching method.

All you need is a whiteboard and the teacher and student working together using this Right Brain “whole” method.  You will be surprised how well this will work with your struggling writer.

When your student is writing papers well, then you can move on to any traditional writing programs.

For use with elementary students to high school students.

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