Dianne Craft’s Dysgraphia Package


This set contains just what you need to address writing and spelling difficulties in your students. Created by Dianne Craft, expert in learning difficulties.


The Dysgraphia Package addresses:

  • Writing Problems (reversals; spacing; difficulty)
  • Spelling Issues
  • Paragraph and Composition Writing issues
  • Visual/Spatial Processing (such as lining up math problems)
  • Vocabulary growth


Benefits All Ages from Preschool to High School:



Helps with pre-reading activities like sight word memorization, pre-writing skills such as letter and number formation and right/left orientation, motor skills and speech fluency.

Elementary students

Helps eliminate writing reversals and build writing fluency, spelling, sight word memorization, vocabulary development, spatial skills,  math alignment, and organization of thoughts and speech.


Helps with note-taking, writing fluency, composition planning, organization, and writing, oral fluency, spelling, vocabulary development, sports, driving skills, and math spatial skills, including geometry. 

Included in Package:

Teaching Guide

Detailed guide for the midline writing brain exercise for dysgraphia and writing stress; instructions for teaching right brain spelling; instructions for right brain paragraph and composition writing and vocabulary.

Dysgraphia Exercise

  • Writing Eight Paper Template
  • Once-a-week Brain Training Instructions that correct spatial and organizational issues
  • Smart Kids Who Hate to Write DVD (demonstration of students age 6-17 doing writing eight exercise; demonstration of students doing the exercise with a group with “choral reading”; how to do it with preschoolers; how to use the exercise to help non-readers.

Right Brain Spelling Lessons and Materials

  • Spelling Word lists
  • Training Your Child’s Photographic Memory DVD

Vocabulary Growth

Vocabulary Cartoons Elementary Edition by Sam Burchers

Paragraph and Composition Writing Lessons

  • Right Brain Paragraph and Composition Writing DVD
  • Instructional Booklet giving writing lesson instructions using right brain webbing process—a one-year program

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 3 in


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