Hero Tales 1


Hero Tales from American History was written by Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge to teach character to kids through the stories of America’s heroes. We turned it into audiobooks with sound effects…because history is way better with cannonfire and screaming French mobs. Volume 1, Colonial and Revolutionary War era.



Did you know Theodore Roosevelt wrote a book for children?

He did.

He wrote a book to teach character and virtue through the stories of American History.

He’s been called “The Most Interesting American” and his book is just that!

We’ve made it even more interesting, though, by turning it into an audiobook and adding sound effects, too. Ships creaking, gulls cawing, cannon fire, even angry French mobs come together to make history they’ll never forget…

“He then told us that he enjoyed them so very much that he wanted to know if we would allow him and his baby brother to listen to them every night from now on while they fall asleep instead of the music that I usually play. Now if that is not a positive endorsement, I don’t know what is.” -Nicole, MO

Learn History on the Drive Home!

Each CD is one hour long and each story is 7 to 11 minutes long. Appropriate for all ages.

Hero Tales from American History


Part 1 – 1732-1777
George Washington (Biography)
Daniel Boone (Biography)
George Rogers Clark (Revolutionary War)
The Battle of Trenton (Revolutionary War)
Bennington (Revolutionary War)

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