Craftsman Crate: The Soapstone Carving Crate


The Soapstone Carving Crate teaches you how to carve real stone masterpieces of your own!

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Soapstone, as an easily carved, but still very durable rock, has been used throughout history in uses as diverse as: oil lamps made by arctic peoples, cooking pots by the Vikings, pipes by Native Americans, and vessels to process marine fats in the Shetlands. In Nigeria, the Yoruba people used it for hundreds of statues that were almost half life-size, while in Minoan Crete in the the palace of Knossos, archeologists have found a soapstone libation table. Colonial towns in Brazil still have streets paved with soapstone cobblestones. Nidaros Cathedral in Norway is primarily made of soapstone! Join untold numbers of artisans in soapstone through history with the tools in this kit.

The Soapstone Carving Crate Contains:

Instructions and Patterns

The Soapstone Crate Contains:

Soapstone – We’re including one chunk of soapstone that we’ve roughed out for you – given it the general shape of a bird to give you a start in carving – and another that is just an uncarved block so you can create whatever you want! Their will be chips and rough edges because it is real stone. This is a natural, nontoxic stone, but you don’t want the dust in your lungs.

Pencil – Use this to mark your pattern onto the stone.

Large File – For carving away larger areas of soapstone, this large file will speed the process.

Finishing File Set – These small files will allow you to add as much detail as you want to your creations.

Sandpaper – We include several different grits of sandpaper to smooth out file marks. The lower the grit number, the coarser the sandpaper.

Wax – Soy wax will give your soapstone carving a sheen that will bring out the color of the stone. A natural, nontoxic product.

Polishing Cloth – Use the cotton cloth to polish the wax to a shiny finish.

NOTE: You can make one eagle or other bird plus one of the other animals pictured (or another of your own design) from this kit!


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