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Inspire your young knight to become one of the Men of Iron with Hearts of Gold with this breathtakingly beautiful poster on high quality stock.

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For years, people have been begging us to print the “Men of Iron” poem on a poster. We read it in our Raising Real Men workshop session at conferences as an example of giving young men vision of what it means to be a man.

[ CLICK HERE to listen to the poem and the story behind it ]

Our son, John Calvin Young, wrote it as a teenager, not as the result of an assignment or because he was prompted by us, but out of the overflow of his heart. Let me share the first few stanzas with you:

We hath forgotten the days of olde,
Of songs once sung, tales now untold,
Of chivalry, the mail-clad knight,
And Christian mercy upon the heights.

Men of iron, with hearts of gold,
Now long they lie under earth and moulde.
As heroes they live now in our dreams,
O’er wood and hill and fast-running streams.

Chivalry, that knightly code,
Christian mercy they truly showed.
Yet for it they were not the weaker,
But fiercer still, and often meeker.

They were a bulwark of Christendom,
They did their duty, and then some.
For others who could care the less,
And would never help them in their distress. …

“Men of iron with hearts of gold” is just what we want our little boys to become!

Inspire your young knights with this poster

You seriously can not imagine how gorgeous this poster is! The colors are rich and beautiful. The art, The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton (1901), is evocative of a day when manhood was characterized by duty and honor. The paper stock is quite heavy for a poster and the printing is crisp.

18 x 24 inches, 100# high quality paper, full color

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Such a classy, inspiring touch in our boys’ room. I hope they read it a million times.

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