Craftsman Crate: The Gold Leaf Crate


The Gold Leaf Crate teaches the ancient art of using unbelievably thin leaves of valuable metals to enhance art and furnishing.

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People have always valued the luxury of gold in art and decor. How do you use it, though, when it’s so expensive? Gold leafing has been the answer – gold beaten into extremely thin sheets, called leaves, and affixed with adhesives to all manner of surfaces. The ancient Egyptians in the time of Tutankhamen covered mummies and their sarcophygi with gold leaf. The ancient Greeks made chryselephantine idols, such as Athena, with ivory for the flesh and gold leaf covering the hair, clothing, and weapons. Elephanitinos refers to ivory and chrysos to gold in Greek. King Solomon was known for his gold drinking vessels and hundreds of gold shields. By 400 A.D., gold leaf was used in illuminated manuscripts and in artwork, for halos and heaven, throughout Europe. Today, gold leaf is used in astronaut visors to reflect infrared light while letting visible light through! And it is still used in art, in paintings, sculpture, and other works.

The Gold Leaf Crate Contains: 


Composition Gold Leaf Kit

  • Composition Gold Leaf – 25 sheets
  • Metal Leaf Adhesive Size
  • Metal Leaf Sealer

Wooden Coaster

Mini Wooden Bowl

Classic Candle Cup

Wax Paper

White Cotton Gloves

Black Acrylic Paint

Plastic Cup

Shop Towel

Stir Stick

Chip Brush

Foam Brushes

Small Flat Brush

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Additional information

Weight 34 oz
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 2.5 in


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