Build Your Own Canoe!


Find out how to build your own canoe for less than $200!


For several years, we’ve been looking for a used canoe to use while we’re at the Lake. We couldn’t find anything that didn’t cost several hundred dollars that just weren’t in our budget. Then Hal remembered reading in one of the many old guides for boys we have around the house about building your own boat. We searched and found plans and built a number of small rowboats, but we still wanted a canoe! So, this year we decided to go for it and it worked!

We were amazed! An ordinary family could build a canoe!

Would your family enjoy having their own canoe, and even better, a canoe they built together, themselves? For about half the cost of a manufactured canoe?

This summer, we built our two-man canoe for about $200, in a week of afternoons, using the most basic tools. And we did it while we were on vacation!

You can do it, too!


Our notes, pictures, lists, and experience in building the canoe

Links to videos to show you how to do it

Complete plans and instructions. You can find these free online, but without our videos, photos, and experience.


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