Craftsman Crate: The Decoupage Crate


The Decoupage Crate lets you turn ordinary objects into extraordinary ones with an artisanal craft used to create treasures for thousands of years.

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Many years ago, when I was a child, my happy place was my grandmother’s house. It was a place where I felt completely loved and accepted. No matter what I wanted to do, it was okay with her. In the bedroom I used at her house there was a decoupage plaque, a woodland scene with 3-D elements. I decided then that I would learn to do that myself one day. This kit will teach you a skill that has been used to create objects of art, from furniture to objects to hangings, for over a thousand years!


The Decoupage Crate Contains:

Projects – We’ve included several project surfaces for you to base your creations on: a pencil box, a small chest, and a round box.

Decoupage Papers – You have a curated variety of decorative papers in various styles. We’ve chosen a travel theme for this crate, so your decoupage paper is heavy on maps. Maps make particularly attractive decoupage!

Ephemera – This set of reproduction ephemera, or interesting memorabilia like tickets or programs, allows you to add a three-dimensional aspect to your projects.

Craft Knife – Cut the paper to fit using this sharp knife, but protect the surface under it, first, with a cutting board, thick stack of papers, or your crate.

Ruler and Pencil – Measure twice and cut once, we’ve always heard. Use this to measure the paper you’ll need to cover your projects and as a straight edge to mark your cutting lines.

Gloss Decoupage Medium – You’ll use this to adhere the paper to your project and to provide a finish on top. Non-toxic. Water-based. Permanent.

White Glue – You can make a decoupage medium of your own using this! Non-toxic. Water-based. Permanent.

Cup – To make your own decoupage medium in.

Craft Stick and Spoon – To measure and mix your own decoupage medium in.

Sponge brushes – Use these to apply media to your project and to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.


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Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 13.2 x 9.2 x 2.75 in


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