Rubberband Gun – AK-47 with Scope & Sling

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A great modern-style gun that shoots 12 rubberbands without reloading!

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Historically-Inspired Rubberband Guns

Fires 12 Rubberbands without Reloading!

Guns are made in America of solid wood (the stock is a single block!) and are solid and strong enough even for a family full of boys!

This rubberband gun is made in America from a solid block of poplar. It’s inspired by the Kalishnikov 1947 model. The initials AK stand for “Avtomat Kalashnikova,” meaning “automatic Kalashnikov,” in Russian. It’s designer was Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov. This dependable combat weapon has been used by armies around the world since it was first designed.

AK-47 with SCOPE (toy) and SLING, 28 inches, with ammo.

Uses BLUE ammo. Comes with a small pack of ammo FREE!

Additional information

Weight 17.8 oz
Dimensions 28.75 x 7.75 x 1.5 in


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