Color Transparent Overlays for Reading



Many, if not most, children with dyslexia (a reading difficulty that you should suspect when reading is two years below level, reading is unusually difficult, and letters or words are being reversed after age seven) and quite a few kids who can read well but don’t enjoy it have a light sensitivity that makes it difficult to focus on the letters. It’s like reading in a bright, glaring light or when the sunlight makes it hard to read your phone screen.

Using a colored overlay, one specially prepared for the purpose, makes the background closer in hue to the letters, easing the task of reading for these children. Many find that they can read more easily and smoothly JUST by using the overlays.

Although many colors may be used, the vast majority of children prefer blue or green, so those are the colors we offer.

The colored overlays help, but they don’t fix the problem. Dianne Craft recommends two things and we concur:

1 – Brain Integration Therapy helps the brain to see things the way it is intended to. We recommend the Brain Integration Therapy Manual.

2 – Supplementation with fish oil (Dianne recommends  a minimum of 500mg a day) nourishes the rods in the retina so that they can more easily handle light and dark adaptation.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 11.5 x 4 x .125 in

Blue, Green


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