Dianne Craft’s Brain Integration Therapy Manual (2013 edition)

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THIS PROGRAM WORKS. Our son hated it, but it worked! Now Sam tells parents, “Make your kids do the exercises every day. Don’t listen to their complaining!”

Brain Integration Therapy is an easy-to-use at-home therapy program that brings dramatic results. No matter what “teaching” or remedial reading program you use, if you do the Brain Integration Therapy Brain Trainings and exercises at the same time you will notice that the child learns much easier because you are actually using the child’s body to make the brain connections so that he or she doesn’t have to work so hard at the task of reading or writing or hearing sounds.

The 2013 edition of Dianne Craft’s popular manual contains material that will make Brain Training much easier and more effective for your child, including daily lesson plans, checklists to track your child’s progress, additional instructions, advanced variations, visual demonstrations, easy-to-follow Brain Training guides, and much, much more!

The reason these kids struggle with reading in the first place is because the READING PROCESSES have not become automatic yet. They have to work too hard just to track or bring the sound of a letter or word from one hemisphere to the other where they are seeing the phoneme. Other kids can do this automatically, so they can learn new words more easily and focus on the comprehension, too.

The daily midline exercises and weekly Brain Trainings help to make these processes automatic. They CORRECT the processing difficulties that make this all so hard! This corrective technique creates connections between the short term memory and long and reduce processing problems drastically.  Once these processing problems are corrected, these students can learn using more ordinary methods.

Seriously, the Brain Integration Therapy Manual is a life-saver! We used it every school day for a year and that’s the year Sam finally learned to read fluently. I cried with joy!

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