Great New Gifts To Get Kids Off Their Devices!


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We hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Once more, we were blessed with all eight of our children around the table. One of our sons is recently engaged, so next year it may only be seven – unless it’s nine, with our new daughter present! Time passes so quickly, and we treasure the memories and traditions of this holiday!

We’ve Got Some Great New Items This Year!

Here’s what you’ll find:

* GREAT ways to get your kids OFF their devices. Character-building gifts you’ll feel good about.


* FREE Creation Book w/Purchase!

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Some of these are hard-to-find or only available from Great Waters Press. Believe us, we don’t carry it if we don’t enjoy it as a family favorite ourselves. We think you’ll find something useful and exciting for nearly any family!

Thank you for supporting our ministry!

In Christ

Hal and Melanie

New For Christmas 2016!

How To Get Them Off The Devices!

Men of Iron Chain Mail Kit Photo Parents ask us all the time, “How can I get my kids off the screen and doing something more constructive?” How about introducing them to some useful and interesting new skills and hobbies? You LOVED our Chain Mail Kit last year, so we’re putting together a whole line of exclusive kits to do just that!


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Learn The Art of Calligraphy

The Medieval Scribe Held A Different Power Than The Knight in Arms!

Our new set will help you learn four different historic scripts – Roman Rustic, Uncial, Carolignian, and Gothic – and the history of men and eras which used them. Your kids will be able to do formal and decorative lettering for signs, mottos, and letter-writing for life – and probably improve their handwriting at the same time!

Woodburning Kit

Old Fashioned Woodburning Set

When we were creating our chain mail kits last year, our sons were fascinated by the woodburning process we used for decoration. This kit gives you the tool and materials you need to learn this very old art!


Leatherworking Kit

Pocket Knife Holster

When one of our sons bought a leathercraft kit at a conference, he enjoyed it so much we added this one to our catalog! This kit has all the leather, fittings, dye, and finishing supplies – just add your own knife and mini-flashlight!

New Audiobook!

Five Little Peppers Midway by Margaret Sidney

Audiobook read by Melanie Young

In this sequel to Five Little Peppers, the family has moved from the little brown house to the mansion of the Kings in town – bringing new opportunities and new challenges.

Revolutionary War Discover Kit

Revolutionary War Discovery Kit

From Dover Publications

We’ve always loved Dover books, from their reprints of the classics to their detailed, historically accurate coloring books. This is a terrific set of five of their beautiful coloring books, plus stickers, posters, and other neat stuff – even the crayons!

Training Knife

12-Inch Training Knife

Like our popular training swords, these polypropylene training knives are true athletic equipment with the same heft and balance as the real item. They’re used by law enforcement to teach self-defense and by the military to teach commando tactics!



We were part of the testing process for this unique game from Bright Ideas Press …

We love it!

Pass laws, solidify your leadership, and rule the table in this fun, fast moving game. Oh, and learn about theories of government, too!

FIND OUT MORE about this great new game!

FREE WITH ORDER of $50 or more!


Purposeful Design

By Jay Schabacker

This colorful hardcover book by a former NASA engineer tells the story of God’s grand design in Creation. Normally $24.95, through a special arrangement we’re able to offer this beautiful book for FREE with each order of $50 or more – you just pay shipping!

Making Biblical Family Life Practical

Raising Real Men

Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys

A practical guide to equipping the hearts and minds of boys without breaking or losing your own. We have six of them, and we’re the first to admit that raising boys is a challenge — the noise, the busyness, and the unbounded energy are hard to contain. How do you prepare them to love and serve God when it’s all you can do to make it through today? There’s hope!

This award winning book is recommended by Tedd Tripp, John Rosemond, Chris Klicka, and many more!

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… and much more!