Avoiding the Mid-Morning Munchies
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One thing that is pretty common across guys of all ages is that they love to eat! Moms tell us their boys eat breakfast, but are starving just a couple of hours later. I think they’re finding out just what we have:Β Carbs do not a good breakfast make for a growing boy!

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When a boy’s starving too soon after breakfast, we usually hear that he’s had cereal with skim milk or fruit or bread that morning. Carbohydrates are the energy fuel for our bodies. Carbs are quickly digested and quickly converted into the glucose our cells need. That means his blood sugar goes up quickly which makes a lot of insulin release (insulin is the key that unlocks the cell door for glucose). That big insulin release leads to a blood sugar crash. Boom! He’s hungry again in a couple of hours after eating. Fiber slows down the blood sugar rise, so whole fruit is better than juice and whole grains better than white grains.

Protein causes a much slower increase in blood sugar and fat causes the slowest rise. Don’t be afraid of fats. Growing children need fats for proper brain growth.Β When you serve something with not just carbs, but protein and fats, then his blood sugar stays more even and he stays full longer.

So, what can you serve for breakfast?

Cheese Toast – This is quick and easy: put cheese on bread and toast it! Cheese is a high fat protein, so it has all three you need. There are all sorts of variations, too – English muffins, bagels, bread, rolls.

Bagels and Cream Cheese – Once again, fast easy, and has carbs, protein and fat.

Oatmeal with Milk and Butter – The milk completes the protein in the oatmeal, butter provides extra fat.

Grits with Cheese – If you don’t like grits, you haven’t had them cooked right. They need to cook a lot longer than the bag says. Aldi is a good brand to start with since it’s ground more finely and is easier to get creamy. Be sure to salt to taste. Boys love Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning on them.

Quesadillas – Put a dot of butter in your skillet on medium. Put the tortilla on top of it, when it’s hot, turn it over and put a handful of grated cheese on top, then fold over. Toast on both sides. Serve with salsa.

Cream of Wheat with Milk and Butter – The milk completes the protein and the butter adds fat.

Omelets – Beat eggs, add to a hot, buttered skillet. Lift edges so raw eggs can run under. Flip, then fill with cheese, meat, or veggies, then fold. Boys often love to cook these. Add a piece of toast or muffin or fruit if you want to add some carbs.

Scrambled Egg Sandwiches – Pile scrambled eggs on buttered toast. Good with just salt and pepper, or you can add ham, sausage, or cheese.

Greek Yogurt with Fruit or Granola – Get the full fat kind for staying power.

I can think of some more, but I’d rather hear your ideas! Share any ideas you have for filling, balanced (in carbs, protein, and fat) breakfasts for our boys?

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