Snow Joes: Chocolate Snow Cream!
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Growing up, my mom always made snow cream (but never from the first snow of the season, though we’ve abandoned that rule as lacking scientific basis 🙂 , but what we really loved were her Snow Joes. I’ve never heard of anyone else making such a thing, but it was like snow cream, but chocolate. I remember that Hershey’s syrup was involved, but since I have been unable to find any reference anywhere, I made up our own recipe that is sooooooo easy! I always make extra hot chocolate, just for these:

Snow Joes

Snow Joes

  • Leftover hot chocolate, chilled in fridge. Hot chocolate made from milk, sugar and Hershey’s syrup or cocoa is the best! This recipe is similar to ours.
  • Clean, fresh snow.

Mix until the texture of homemade ice cream and eat.

See, I told you they were easy to make – and incredibly wonderful! Try it! (For the OCD, I used a little less than a quart of formerly hot chocolate to a monstrous mixing bowl of snow, perhaps two gallons, and it was plenty for my ten.)

As we’re socked in enjoying a lovely snow vacation all across the South, let’s give our children lots of great memories today!

Hal and Melanie Winter

Your cold friends,

Hal & Melanie