Meet the Geology Detective!
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I was dreading it a little bit when my dear friend Teresa Wirtz asked me to review their new Rock and Mineral Identification Kits. I knew the boys would be thrilled – there’s just something about boys and rocks – I think they all love them, but although I am a science person (my degree is in Biology and I about have enough for another degree in Chemistry), I know nothing about rocks. I mean, they are like, um, hard and in the ground, right? Well, it’s not quite that bad, but I’ve done rock identification kits before and I *hated* not being sure that what I was telling the children was right. I couldn’t even be sure I was doing the test right. That’s traumatic for a type A personality like me.

Well, the Geology Detective Mineral Identification Kit  is not that sort of kit!

 Teresa and Joe Wirtz are parents of six and longtime homeschoolers themselves. They understand the annoyance of finally getting enough time to get that science experiment done, only to find out that you don’t have everything you need! Arrggghhh! So, Teresa and Joe have put every single thing you need in these kits. I remember trying to do rock identification with the boys years ago and thinking “White streak plate? What is that? Oh, I can use a piece of a ceramic tile. Well where do I get that?” Well, the Geology Detective includes it! These kits contain everything you need. Seriously, even the penny! What a stress-reducer that is.

Home 4 School Gear Mineral Identification Flow ChartThe other great thing about these kits is that there is no wondering if you got it right! Each rock or mineral comes in its own little bag with a label. Whew! I always remove the label from the one we’re testing so I don’t ruin the surprise for the children, but it helps me enormously to know what the expected results should be. That way, if we don’t get the expected results we can figure out what went wrong rather than fumble around in ignorance. Their charts are so understandable!

Those things make using the Geology Detective kits something you don’t have to dread. We greatly enjoyed using ours, and I came out of it completely untraumatized!

I’ve got to say a word about the Wirtz family, too, though. They live in our area and we’ve known them many years. Joe coached our eldest John Calvin in debate and greatly influenced him to be able to defend the faith. Teresa has been a dear friend, too, praying for us and encouraging us and lending a hand, too. Even our dog loves them (that’s where she stays when we travel).

Now, I wouldn’t say buy this because they are our friends, because I value your trust in us too much. But to be able to recommend a great product produced by a great family? Well, that’s a lot of fun! The Geology Detective Series is highly recommended.

Geology Detective Rock and Mineral Identification Kits, Joe & Teresa Wirtz, Home 4 School Gear, $34.99 $29.99. Click here to buy now.

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We received a free copy of this curriculum in return for our always honest review.