Resources for Teaching Your Children About Sexuality from a Christian Perspective

Sexuality is not a subject most of us want to think about with our sons and daughters. We just want to pretend everything’s going to be alright. Read through the resources below and you’ll see that isn’t a safe assumption any more, if it ever was. It’s not easy talking to your guys about sexuality, but it is critical. You need to be the “first with the most” so they don’t seek information from friends, or worse yet, Google. Here are resources we’ve put together to help you in the fight to keep your boys on the right road in this area  of life. (BTW, some of the links below are affiliate links. Thanks for your help!)

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Top Resources:

Love, Honor, and Virtue Front with ShadowWe have written a new book on sexuality for young men themselves! Give your guys a Biblical context for God’s gift of sexuality. Start the conversation. We discuss the details of how it all works, how the enemy tries to pervert God’s design, how to avoid temptation, how to recover if you give in to temptation, and how to have a healthy relationship with the opposite sex.




Shining Armor CD Art with Shadow


Download our workshop on purity for boys, Shining Armor: Your Son’s Battle for Purity. It will help you learn how to talk to your son about all of these things and how to handle it if you’ve found out he’s fallen. One of our most popular workshops. For Boot Camp 9-12 alumni: This is very similar to class 3 of Boot Camp 9-12 and a great way to pass that info on to your friends. You can get it FREE by subscribing to our newsletter.


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Covenant Eyes. Get it. Put it on all your devices. Honestly, don’t put this off. You wouldn’t drop your children off in Shanghai or San Francisco to find their way around, would you? Yet, pretty much everything in those cities can be found online. We’ve used it ourselves for many years. Use our link to sign up and support this ministry.

Internet Safety and Accountability: Visiting the Big City Here’s our review of Covenant Eyes, along with a sample report, so you can see what it does.

Covenant Eyes: There When You’re Not. How to set up Covenant Eyes and protect your children appropriately for their ages.

From Our Blog:

Protecting Your Kids from Predators is a podcast that will help you know what signs to look for and actions to take to protect your kids.
RRM Ten Warning Sign Your Son May be Watching Porn Ten Danger Signs That Your Son is Watching Porn makes sure you don’t miss signs that your son is in trouble.
RRM Eight Things to Do When You Find Out Your Son is Watching Porn Eight Steps to Take When You Find Our Your Child’s Been Watching Porn gives you an action plan when you find out what you never wanted to hear.
RRM Practical Ways to Protect Your Kids From Predators Ten Practical Ways to Protect Kids from Predators gives you some solid advice about how to keep your son from becoming a victim.
RRM Worried That Your Son is Going to Go Too Far When You’re Worried Your Son is Going to Go Too Far helps you know what to say when your son needs a reality check about the consequences of skating too close to the edge.

Ten Ways to Protect

Ten Ways to Keep Your Family From Being Devastated by Porn and Predators gives real practical advice you can use to protect your children.
 RRM Awkward Talk About Texting Horizontal Awkward! How (and Why) to Have a Conversation About Sexting with Your Kids gives practical advice for dealing with these things we wish we didn’t have to talk about!
 RRM Five Things You Need to Know About Your Boys and Internet Porn Vertical Five Things You Need to Know About Your Boys & Internet Porn is a short primer on what’s going on that you need to know about.
300 Hoods Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto V and Hoods In Training talks about the new video games and how they can affect our children’s real lives.
 Internet Safety Pin Would You Leave Heroin Around the House?  shares the latest research about internet porn addiction.
 Oh Murder Meme Oh Murder! What Parents Need to Know About Teen Brains and the New Games gives you a heads up about games that are intentionally addictive.
 Miley Cyrus MTV and Why It Matters to Christian Families Miley Cyrus, MTV, and Why It Matters (A Lot) to Christian Families helps parents to understand what’s behind the raunchy direction our culture is headed.

When the Red Light District Is in Your Living Room is a wake up call to parents to help them understand the risks to their children.

 Some Are Missing Joe

Two Rules Would Have Saved Paterno looks at a heart-breaking news story and makes some practical application for our own lives.

From Our Podcast:

Radio Show Banner
New Electronics and Temptation was the topic of this episode
of Making Biblical Family Life Practical, where we are discussed all those new electronics that families got for Christmas. How can you make sure these are a positive influence in their life, not a dangerous one?

From Our Facebook Page:

Playstation 4 and a New Live Porn Danger  Learn to lock down your Playstation so it won’t show user generated pictures and video by clicking here.

Other Resources:

Pornography and Christian Boys was the topic of this interview we did with Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio.

Life Before Birth by Gary Parker is our go-to book for talking about where babies come from with our children. It has pictures simple enough for young ones and text complex enough for the 9-11 year old crowd. Really love it.

The Body Book by Nancy Rue is a good resource for talking to your preteen daughter about the changes in her body.

Our book, Love, Honor, and Virtue, is a terrific resource for your teen boys to teach them about sexuality from a biblical perspective, how to resist temptation, how to recover if they or their friends fall, and how to have a healthy relationship with girls.

Come Away Weekend, Our combination marriage retreat and couples getaway will make your marriage even better! Internet porn is one of the topics we cover.

Statistics on internet purity (rather, the lack thereof)

Boot Camp Logo by Brooke with URL and 9-12Boot Camp 9-12: Getting Geared Up for the Teen Years, a live interactive webinar series for parents of nine to twelve year old boys. It’s one of our most popular resources, with hundreds of alumni.  If you’ve attended, why not tell your friends about it? This remains the number one age people ask us questions about.