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Hal and Melanie Archway Cropped

Dear Friends,

This is hard to talk about because we would gladly spend time with every one of you if we could, but frankly, with many children still at home, we have a terribly hard time managing our own family with our speaking and writing commitments. We just have to balance our own children’s needs against everyone else’s.

Sometimes, though, we understand you just really, really, really need some help! After thinking and praying about this a lot, we’ve decided to charge enough to allow us to spare the time (to order supper out or to hire someone to help).

If you can’t afford these rates, there are some ways to get help less expensively:

Read our blog and Facebook page or listen to our podcast (free)

Order our workshop CDs – maybe one will cover just what you need ($4 mp3, $5 CD)

Order our book about raising sons or our marriage book – they cover a lot! ($10 in eBook, $15 hardcopy, $25 audiobook)

Sign up for one of our Boot Camp online webinar series – they’re interactive and you can ask questions we’ll answer in the session ($24-$39/4-5 weekly sessions depending on the seminar)

Email us at info(at)raisingrealmen(dot)com to set up a time we can meet together. The cost is $100 for an hour with both of us, or $150 for two hours. We’ll use an online platform that will allow you to visit with us by video and audio and even share files if needed.

Thanks so much for understanding! We appreciate you so much!

Hal & Melanie

*Please note, we are  just lay people with a lot of parenting experience. If you are dealing with an emergency situation such as a family member talking suicide, go to the emergency room or contact your doctor immediately!

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