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The Sky Pilot

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Personal courage and the love of Christ overcome hardened and cynical hearts in the Canadian West

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A classic story of adventure and faith in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies!

It was a place where struggling farmers could carve homesteads out of the wilderness. A place where restless folks could find excitement and adventure. A place where outlaws could escape the justice that sought them.

Into those hard and fierce lives walked a man they would dub derisively the Sky Pilot, because he was guiding folks toward heaven. It wasn’t until he’d proved his courage and his love, though, that they followed him and met the God that made him the man he was.

The Sky Pilot shows our children the value of respect and humility, even among the tough people of the Wild West.

Written under a pen name by a Canadian pastor who served in southwestern Alberta, The Sky Pilot sold over a million copies and established the second career of the Rev. Charles William Gordon, who continued to write while serving the Presbyterian and United Church in Canada until the 1930s.

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