Pie Tin Target Marksmanship Set

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Our favorite and best-selling target makes a SWEET plunking sound! Paired with two Magnum 45 rubberband guns and ammo, you have one terrific gift.


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This is our favorite and bestselling target paired with two Magnum 45 rubberband guns. The target makes a sweet plunking sound that everyone who tries it just loves! No guessing whether you hit the target or not. One of our hottest products!

Made in America. The target is made of Baltic Birch Plywood with laser engraving, rubberbands, aluminum pie tins and a paper sticker.

Comes with two pie tins, usually one stickered, one plain. You can also hang soda cans, handmade targets, and drawings in this target, too. SO MUCH FUN!

Two one-ounce packages of ammo included FREE. The Magnum 45 uses RED ammo.



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Weight 28.9 oz
Dimensions 15.25 x 12.125 x 1.57 in


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