Leaving Legalism: Learning to Love God, Others, and Yourself Again

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From a decade lived deeply in the chokehold of a legalistic community, Kendra Fletcher emerged to find healing, grace for herself, and a renewed faith that stood apart from the religious confines of her previous life in a rigid church community. Are you there, too, finding yourself leaving a legalistic or cult-like church and wondering what it all meant? Gasping for breath, hoping to find peace, looking to find your way after years of spiritual abuse and religion-driven shame? If it’s your time to find freedom and healing, Leaving Legalism will serve as a guide to help you learn not only to separate religious behavior from true faith in Christ, but to emerge confident in the knowledge that you’re already loved and accepted far beyond your wildest dreams. Begin your journey to healing as Kendra discusses:- Swinging the pendulum from law to grace- Why rules make us feel safe- How we all end up evangelizing a lifestyle- Our identity in Christ- How to let go of the past- How to learn to rest in what God has done for us- How to move forward (including how to apologize to your children)


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