Christ-Centered Advent: Family Devotions Based on Christmas Carols


Waited until the last minute? Just this week, get the ebook free when you purchase the physical book, so that you can get started started while you wait for it to arrive!

Make this Christmas different by spending a little time every weekday in Advent singing Christmas carols and showing your children how they point to the gospel! Christ-Centered Advent makes it easy to redeem the weeks before Christmas.



Christmas. We love it. We love the smell of evergreens and cloves. We love the flavor of Christmas tea and cookies. We love the sound of Christmas carols and bells. We love being with family. Most of all, we love how everything points to the gospel, if you let it.

That’s the hard part, though, isn’t it? The hurry, the stress, the bustle, it all conspires together to tempt us to settle for the form and not the substance. It’s easy to run around doing Christmas-y things and somehow never take the time to really talk to our kids, I mean really talk to them, about what all this means.

That’s why we wrote a new book, Christ-Centered Advent: Family Devotions based on Christmas Carols, and it will make it easy for you to teach your kids the Christ-centered carols and what they mean.  A resource that will help you glorify God in your family at Christmas.

Note: Christmas paintings by the old masters that might include the Christ-child are included as illustrations. If you are not comfortable with that, please order the ebook version and put in the notes that you would like the version with no pictures of Christ and we will add that version to your order.

Check out a sample day here.

Paperback, 62 pages, full color.

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