Five Little Peppers Set


Two sweet and funny audiobooks that will help your family learn to be content and to love people more than things! Five Little Peppers and the sequel Five Little Peppers Midway are favorites of our entire family. Children’s literature classics.

Suitable and enjoyable for all ages.



“Oh, now, tell us a story, Mrs. Pepper,” cried Van;
“please, please do!”
“No, no;” exclaimed Percy, scuttling out of his chair,
and coming up, “let’s talk of the little brown house.
Do tell us what you used to do there—that’s best.”
“So ’tis!” cried Van;
“ALL the nice times you used to have in it!”
“She couldn’t tell all the nice times if she had ten years to tell them in, could she, Polly?” said Jasper.

That’s the way we want our children to remember our home.

How can we do that, though?
It’s all about the attitude.
That’s what’s so great about the Five Little Peppers.
They remind us to find joy in each other, in our family.

Funny. Sweet. Exciting. Joyful.


The Five Little Peppers and the Five Little Peppers Midway

Your children will love the stories — and learn character lessons, too!

Listen to the first chapter here.


Available in CD format or as downloadable mp3s.

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