Dianne Craft’s Right-Brained Phonics Flashcards


These unique phonics flash cards embed the letter ON the picture, making them much easier for struggling learners (or any learners!) to master!


Teach the phonics sounds so they STICK! Struggling readers have a hard time connecting the letter-symbol (stored in the left brain) with the picture and sound (stored in the right brain) when they use traditional flash cards.

These cards have the symbol ON the picture so it is all stored in the right brain. These were SO much easier for our son to learn!

40- 6″x4″ flashcards with the letter combinations, the vowels, and the consonants superimposed upon a picture that gives that sound. An instruction card is also included.

This is not only helpful for right brain learners but also for children with an Auditory Processing Problem. PHONICS CAN BE FUN AND FAST!

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 x 4 x .25 in


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