Craftsman Crate: The String Craft Crate


The String Craft Crate uses mathematical curves as designs to create art that is modern and on-point.

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When someone in our team first suggested that we do a crate around string art, there was resistance: “You mean like that cheesy thing with the owls at the Lake?” Then we started looking at what some artisans were doing with string craft today and we started getting excited! Wait until you see the amazing designs our resident artist has developed for you, including designs using negative space, colors, and shading. This is most definitely not the string art of the 70s!

The String Craft Crate Contains:

Stain-Ready, Edge-Glued Board – sturdy enough to hold many nails and attractive enough to hang as an objet d’art (ob-ZHAY dar, or small decorative art object).

Water Based Wood Stain – turns your board a rich brown which contrasts well with the floss.

Foam Brush – used to apply stain.

Gloves – protect your hands from the stain.

Rubbing Cloth – allows you to rub off excess stain.

Brass-Plated Escutcheon Pins – small thick-shafted nails with a decorative shield-shaped head. Escutcheon means shield! These are the perfect length and strength to firmly hold the floss.

White Floss – high quality all-cotton white floss provides a glossy, attractive “string” for your negative space designs.

Colored Floss Sampler – a collection of colorful, high quality skeins of floss allows you to create intensely colorful designs using shading and color variation.

Tack Hammer – a small hammer that is perfect for nailing many tiny escutcheon pins into a design. A larger hammer would be unwieldy.

Craft Knife – this small knife is used to cut off the floss/string when you are finished using a color.

Sawtooth Picture Hanger – allows you to hang your finished work of art.

Instructions and Patterns – Several patterns in both negative and positive space, mono-color and multi-color are included.


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Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 13.2 x 9.2 x 2.75 in


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