Craftsman Crate: The Globe Making Crate


In the days before assembly line production and automated machinery, a globe was both an art object and a scientific instrument, calibrated and crafted at great expense. Thankfully, today we have a few shortcuts available which will speed up the process and make it something that we can do at home.


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Globe making is a craft and artform growing out of scientific endeavors to produce incredible artistic works for thousands of years. The earliest mention of a globe was recorded by a Greek philosopher over 2000 years ago. Globes have been used to record everything from the surface of the earth, known as a terrestial globe, to the positions of the stars and constellations overhead, known as a celestial globe. The oldest celestial globe dates from the second century in the Roman Empire. The oldest terrestial globe was crafted in 1492 and actually does not depict the Americas since Columbus had not yet returned from the New World and knowledge was limited.

Each Globe Making Crate Contains:

Paper Hemispheres – These paper half-spheres give us a solid base and form to create our globes, without being as heavy as a wooden ball. You have enough to make 4 small globes total in two different sizes.

Globe Pattern Gores –  These map projections were created after much calculation with specialized software and adjustment to fit the paper spheres included. These shapes, known as projections and gores are the easiest way to make a flat piece of paper form into a sphere. They come in a variety of shapes, but we have chosen a daisy petal format to make it as simple as possible. Alternative projections are included for the small paper spheres, but we will walk you through the daisy petal to get you comfortable with the process on the large globe.

Standard 20# Paper – Use this to reinforce joints or to smooth out lines on your globe.

White Glue – PVC glue is useful for so many things! In this case, it secures each layer of paper to the globe and provides a thin protective coating for your globe. Non-toxic. Water-based. Permanent.


  • Foam Brush – Spread glue thinly and evenly across the work pieces.
  • Craft Knife – Carefully trim paper pieces to fit.
  • Washi Tape – Bind the two halves of your globe together, and use for accent markings.
  • Metal-edged Ruler – Use as a straight edge to cut lines, or as a flattening tool to smooth out glued paper.
  • Measuring Cup – Use for containing glue, or watering down as needed.

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