Christ-Centered Holiday Book Bundle


Five books that will help you make the holidays more Christ-centered, more memorable and more fun without more stress! Bonuses, too!

Get the ebooks free when you buy the physical version so you can print out the songs and recipes!



Our family LOVES the holidays! We enjoy engaging all our senses to help our children remember the stories of what God has done. This bundle of all four of our holiday books plus helpful downloadable printable bonuses will help you make this time of year more memorable, more fun, and less stressful, while making our Savior the center of it all.

Read more about Celebrating Christ in History: Reformation Day (64 pages)

Read more about Christ-Centered Thanksgiving (72 pages)

Read more about Christ-Centered Advent: Family Devotions based on Christmas Carols (62 pages)

Read more about Christ-Centered Advent Volume 2 (68 pages)

Read more about Christ-Centered Christmas (81 pages)

Paperback books, 8.5″x 11″, Full Color.


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