The Book Vault Project: A Taste of Craftsman Crate


Wondering what Craftsman Crates might include and what kind of projects you might do? We developed this little taste of Craftsman Crate. No supplies are included, but you can download detailed directions for creating a delightful hidden safe for your valuables. Then imagine how cool it would have been to get a crate with EVERYTHING included — and subscribe to Craftsman Crate!


If you’ve been wanting to try Craftsman Crate, but can’t invest in a crate just yet, this product is for you. Download complete directions for a project that you may have most of what you need around the house. Try it, enjoy it, then imagine how much fun it would be to have EVERY SINGLE THING included in your crate – and subscribe to Craftsman Crate! PLEASE NOTE: This includes ONLY the directions, unlike the rest of our Craftsman Crates!

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

A Hardback Book – One you don’t mind not being able to read again!

White Glue – Just ordinary glue.

Metal or Wooden Ruler with Edge and Pencil – Really helpful.

Utility Knife – A sturdy box cutter type knife.

Craft Knife – A more precise knife, such as an Exacto Knife™ helps you make a neat vault.

Plastic Bag, Wax Paper, Card Stock, Rubber Band, Spring Clamp, and Tape – These are helpful and can be picked up cheaply at the dollar store.

Brush – A small brush to apply glue to the pages is helpful. You can find these
at the dollar store.

Balsa Wood, Velvet, and Magnet Closures are OPTIONAL – These are optional finishing
touches you can use to make your vault even better.


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