Craftsman Crate Subscription Box (Shipping Included) CHARTER SCHOOLS

From: $41.97 for 1 month

Subscribe to Craftsman Crate to have one of our complete art and artisan skill curriculum kits delivered every month. Each crate has the lessons and detailed instructions for the use of tools and supplies to learn a functional skill and produce a project. Everything is included.

It’s fun, it’s rewarding, and it’s authentic.

$41.97/month, charter school subscriptions do not automatically renew, so you’ll need to place a new order when your subscription runs out.


If you need to use a purchase order or ClassWallet, choose “Pay by check or purchase order” at checkout

If your charter school needs to be invoiced for payment, email your charter school purchase order to info at greatwaterspress dot com and reference your order number here. You may use IDEA, ClassWallet, River Springs, Inspire Schools, or other Charter School payment system.



Craftsman Crate is our answer to a world that has very little to offer hands-on young people.

Our own teens came to us, telling us that there were absolutely no hands-on craft- or skill-based kits for older guys. We went out looking and found out they were right! We couldn’t find a thing, so we got together with our teen and adult kids and started developing some. We sold the first ones here on and people loved them, but they told us they wanted us to turn it into a subscription box service, so they could just have a new one delivered every month and keep their guys happy.

Find out more at and come back here to subscribe!

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Weight 34 oz
Subscription Options

Eight Month Subscription, Eleven Month Subscription, Five Month Subscription, Four Month Subscription, Monthly, Nine Month Subscription, One Month Only, One Year Subscription, Seven Month Subscription, Six Month Subscription, Ten Month Subscription, Three Month Subscription, Two Month Subscription


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