Weekly Fun for Your Marriage


The Bible speaks about marriage as a partnership, like two horses pulling in harness together. It’s a good image of shared purpose and common goals – but we need to be sure we spend time face-to-face as well as shoulder-to-shoulder! Isn’t it time to really look at one another and think about yourselves as a couple – not just partners in parenting and colleagues in the business of home life?

To help that along, we came up with a little project we call Lovebirdseed. You’ll get a weekly email with suggestions for things you can talk about or do together that will bring you closer again. Some are memories to share, some are questions to discuss, some are memories to make. And nearly all of them are things that we’ve done and discussed in our own time as a couple!

Just wanted you to know that I’ve (we’ve) been enjoying Lovebirdseed! It comes to my e-mail, so my husband never sees the e-mail…but he sees the results. We’ll celebrate 32 years of marriage in August, and these reminders of our early days, weeks, years have been very good for me (us). Thanks for all you do!

We’re offering this for free, because we want to help you keep or build or rebuild the sort of friendship that marriage should be. Just give us your email address and we’ll add you to our newsletter list, plus send you the first suggestion right away! Then you’ll get another suggestion every few days to help you build a deeper and deeper friendship with your mate.

Check your email for your first suggestion!

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