Cheap Family Travel – Transportation and Lodging
Posted by Hal in Travel

The summer is nearly upon us and that means vacation time for many families. Or maybe you’re planning a “stay-cation” because the economy is soft and expenses are simply too high.

What would you do if you could save 40-to-60 percent of the cost of “conventional” travel?

Would you take the vacation you decided to put off this year? Maybe the family would join Dad on business travel? Could you plan the ultimate field trip? Or would it open the door for a mission week or a service project someplace?

Last year we took our family over the road for 30,000 miles, from the Carolinas to California, and from Saskatoon to Phoenix–on a very modest salary! We don’t have “one weird trick” to beat the travel industry, but we’ve learned a number of strategies for stretching the travel dollar to unbelievable lengths.

Check out this 32-minute program, where we tell the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network how we save on airfare, lodging, and even a simple gas fill-up. You may be surprised at what we’ve found, and you’ll be glad you heard it!

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