New Electronics and Temptations
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Hal-and-Melanie-300x300On tonight’s episode of Making Biblical Family Life Practical, we are discussing all those new electronics that our families got for Christmas. How can you make sure these are a positive influence in their life, not a dangerous one.

Here are some resources we are going to be talking about.

Covenant Eyes. Get it. Put it on all your devices. Honestly, don’t put this off. You wouldn’t drop your children off in Shanghai to find their way around, would you? Use our link to sign up and support this ministry.

Boot Camp 9-12: Getting Geared Up for the Teen Years, a live interactive webinar series for parents of nine to twelve year old boys.

Marriage Retreat Online, the only live marriage retreat that you don’t need to get a sitter for!

Statistics on internet purity (rather, the lack thereof)

Download our workshop on purity for boys, Shining Armor: Your Son’s Battle for Purity

A Christian Perspective on Gaming Addiction

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Playstation 4 and Live danger (look in comments for link to lock it down)