Full of Beans

My mom is a retired elementary school librarian. She said she heard arguments about whether sugar really affects children that much or not, but there was no question for her–the Monday after Easter (and the day after Halloween), she said, the kids were always wild.

Some days our boys are just full of beans–and while holiday candy just boosts the effect, we’ve learned it’s not just the sugar which causes it! Children generally but boys in particular are energetic, enthusiastic, excessive creatures, and there are days when home life is mostly a blur or activity. It’s great when you’re doing yardwork, but hard when it’s time to concentrate on schoolwork, for example.

Are your guys driving you around the bend today? You might enjoy hearing some of the ideas we share in Boot Camp 9-12, our weekly webinar series about raising your young men in the 9- to 12-year-old range, and preparing them to make their teen years a blessing to both of you. This week we’ll talk about actually getting them through fifth grade — yes! It’s possible! — and not only that, planning to make your life simpler and give them a sense of direction as they move toward high school and beyond.

This five week series just started but your subscription allows you to go back in time (sorta) and listen to the complete recorded workshop – slides, audio, video, and even the chat conversations. Won’t you join us tonight?

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