Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Food
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“Eat healthy, real, whole foods.” Everyone has heard the advice, but it appears nobody can quite define what that means in real life. Is a healthy food one that is low fat? Vegetarian? Low carb? High fiber? What about oils, butter or red meat? Jessie Hawkins, author of The Handbook of Vintage Remedies, addresses the food confusion head on, in an easy and straightforward way. In this work, she covers not only how the food industry ended up where it is, but what this means to the health of our families, literally explaining what to eat and how to eat.

The Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Foods describes in detail how to identify and choose healthy foods, how to change from a conventional diet to one of real foods, and answers many of those pressing questions about additives, local foods and nutrition labels. The work concludes with a guide to over 100 foods, including nutritional and medicinal benefits and recipes to explore. Other features include resources for fitting real foods into any grocery budget, tips for helping children enjoy real foods and a glossary of common food additives.

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