Timberdoodle Drawing: Survive-o-pedia
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Our friends at Timberdoodle have donated a real boy treasure — The Worst Case Scenario Survive-o-Pedia Junior Edition

From Timberdoodle:

Warning: This book contains unbelievable dangers, jaw-dropping disasters, and hair-raising scenarios.
The world can be a scary place, but not if you know how to navigate it. Worst-Case Scenario Survive-o-pedia Junior Edition teaches your child how to calmly face both the unlikely, including a school of sharp-toothed piranhas, and the probable, such as a common venomous spider.

The knowledge and skills to survive anything!
Seventy entries are packed with lively and engaging facts, spectacular photos, essential maps, and step-by-step instructions, all with a sprinkling of humor to keep things light. Short blocks of text and entertaining illustrations make Worst-Case Scenario Survive-o-pedia Junior Edition a perfect gift for a younger or a reluctant reader.

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