School is Where the Home Is: 180 Devotions for Parents
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An estimated 2 million children are homeschooled in the United States. This is a devotional for those dedicated parents.The author,  Anita Mellot, is going to giveaway a copy of this soon-to-be-released new devotional book, School Is Where the Home Is: 180 Devotions for Parents

The publisher says: Mellott’s 180 anecdotal devotionals explore specific homeschooling issues and present biblical truths to guide parents through challenging times. Themes include:

  • Homeschool Basics—fundamentals such as obedience to the call, prioritizing, decision-making
  • Homeschool and You—how homeschooling affects the primary educator (and vice versa)
  • Homeschool and Family—juggling parenting, marriage, education, and domestic life
  • Gifts We Give Our Children—intangible gifts, from a godly heritage to freedom to pursue their dreams
  • And A Child Will Lead them—discovering life and faith though our child’s eyes
  • Spiritual Vitamins: inspiration for Christian life, addressing fear, faith, prayer, and more
  • Faith of Their Own—intentional discipleship that nurtures children in their own faith

School Is Where the Home Is presents a unique blend of the practical and inspirational for today’s homeschooling parents.

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