Celebrating 6000
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This evening we had our first ever “Facebook Party” — which operates just like a real party, but without the chips.  We had dozens if not hundreds of people dropping in on our Facebook page over a three hour period, just sharing ideas, laughing together, asking questions and getting answers. This was great fun — we had Melanie, myself, and two sons, hammering away on four laptops in the living room, overloading our poor wireless hub, just keeping up with the fun!  And our eldest son John even logged in from Oxford, England, even though it’s well after midnight there.

And part of that is watching our list of fans (“likes”) on Facebook climbing during the evening.  We started out at 5699 fans last night.  As I write this, we just shot past the 6000 mark.  As my Internet-savvy sons say, “Woot!”  That is awesome.

And like we promised, since we passed that number, we’re going to offer a thank you prize to everyone concerned.

We are drawing toward the end of our supply of Raising Real Men.  The warehouse is down to its last few boxes, and three of our retail partners just restocked their own shelves.  That means it’s time for a new printing, and one with “BOOK OF THE YEAR” proudly displayed on the cover.

So we’re going to make you an offer:

Order now from the upcoming third printing of Raising Real Men — which will be available in just a few short weeks — and we’ll give it to you for $12.50, not the usual price of $15.  And we still offer free shipping in the U.S., and discounts to addresses outside our borders.

This will be for the third printing, not the few remaining copies we need for the North Carolina convention.  It will be the same quality content you’ve enjoyed, or heard about, already.  But you will be the first on the list to receive it! Just $12.50!!!

Oh, and if you’d like the famous “Mom and Dad Special” — both the book and the audio version — why, we’ll give you a discount on the audio too.  How about $30 for the book and audiobook together, a full 25% off the regular price of $40 if purchased separately.

This offer is only good with the buttons below, and only until midnight Saturday.  Eastern time.  How about it?

Thanks for all your support.  We have a great bunch of fans, rapidly becoming friends.  And we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.