4 Chances for a copy of “The Thinking Toolbox”!
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This book is like a toolbox, full of different kinds of tools you can use for different thinking tasks. Just as you use the wrench to fix the sink, so you can use the tools we give you in this book to solve thinking problems.

Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn wrote this book for children and adults who want to learn logic and critical thinking skills. The Thinking Toolbox follows the same style as The Fallacy Detective with lessons and exercises and an answer key in the back. Parents and teachers, as well as anybody who wants to learn logic, will find The Thinking Toolbox easy to use and practical.

Harvey & Laurie Bluedorn of Trivium Pursuit publish this great resource. Read more here:  The Thinking Toolbox.

Win one of four copies of this excellent curriculum on Logic, Critical Thinking, and Reasoning Skills from Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn, authors of “The Fallacy Detective”! Just comment below for a chance!

Congratulations to Lori F., Heather Russell Trimmer, Elizabeth, and Lisa! See below!