King Alfred’s English a Fascinating Read!
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King Alfred's English Laurie WhiteWhen I first  heard about King Alfred’s English by Laurie White, I was immediately interesting. King Alfred is one of our family’s favorite characters. He was a real Christian, an amazingly wise and far-seeing ruler and a refreshingly human personality. We love words, too, so it was a natural for us to review!

This is a fascinating, very readable account of the history of the English language. If that sounds dry, then you don’t know the history of Britain! Romans and Saxons, fighting furies, kidnapping and monks – it reads like a novel!

Laurie White has a very engaging style that draws you right in. She is also a believer, which is important because the history of the English language is inextricably linked to the history of Christianity, from the early Christian missionaries (including Joseph of Arimethea!) through Wycliffe to the present. Laurie handled all of this very well, obviously not only knowing the history, but understanding it.

King Alfred’s English  is supposed to be aimed at 7-12 graders, but I think some younger children and lots and lots of adults are going to enjoy this volume. I think this would be an excellent addition to any history or English curriculum. And it might make your children lovers of language, too. I love it when something is good for you and great fun, too. And if you have to add something to make it even more educational, there are some great resources on the publisher’s website.

Nominated for Book of the Year! King Alfred’s English, like Raising Real Men has been nominated for the Christian Small Publishers Association Book of the Year (don’t worry, it’s in a different category!). Go vote for them, too!

King Alfred’s English, Laurie J. White, The Shorter Word Press, 2009, 150 pages.  

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We received a free copy of this curriculum in return for our always honest review.