A Unique Perspective on Lewis and Clark: York Proceeded On
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Catherine Jaime, a terrific storyteller, brings a completely unique perspective to the Corps of Discovery with her new book, York Proceeded On. York, the manservant and slave of William Clark of the famous Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the new Louisiana Purchase. This engaging book, based on years of study of the expedition is historically accurate wtih regards to the expedition, but takes poetic license in imagining what life was like for York in later years after he gained his freedom.

The book is set in the context of York telling stories of the expedition to his grandchildren. Although history doesn’t tell us if York even had grandchildren, the setting makes for a very accessible book that is ideal for a family read aloud. As the stories of the expedition come out, the first person recollections make you feel like you are really there with him – it draws you right in! You’ll worry about how they’ll make it until they find more food, feel exasperated when the Indians steal their horses and bubble over with joy when they reach the Pacific. I appreciated the author’s family-friendly treatment of issues like slavery and conflicts with the Indians. The truth isn’t distorted, but neither is it too much for children to handle. There were so many exciting episodes and so much human interest that every member of the family is going to beg for more. This volume is bound to whet your appetite to learn more and more about the Lewis and Clark expedition, too!

This is a great book to spark interest in explorers, Lewis and Clark, slavery, and Native Americans. Add it to your library now! Highly recommended!

York Proceeded On: The Lewis and Clark Expedition Through the Eyes of Their Forgotten Member by Catherine McGrew Jaime. Creative Learning Connections, 2011, _pages. $ 

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